Would you love to hand over the time-consuming details of research and planning to a professional so you can simply show up and enjoy your dream destination?


Would you like a personalized vacation that ventures beyond the run-of-the-mill tourist spots? One that gets to the heart your destination?


Do you want to work with an expert whom you can trust, really understands you, and has the knowledge and contacts to find you the perfect vacation?


home5A meticulously planned vacation is seamless, enjoyable, and memorable.

Spontaneity can be fun - a spur-of-the-moment trip to the beach, a drive up to the mountains... But, when you want a vacation that goes beyond the ordinary, you need meticulous planning.

I'm a researcher, a list maker, an organizer. I love planning. I will find the exact room, at the right hotel, and at the right time, to get that perfect sunset view. That scene in that movie where they meet for the first time? I will figure out where it is and what's the best restaurant nearby. Trying to coordinate a reunion? I can herd those cats for you, whether they're grandchildren, old classmates, or army buddies. When it comes to putting together the perfect trip, I'm the best researcher you'll find.

Client benefits

Thorough research of destinations including accommodations, tours, dining, events, and more

Personalized planning based on your unique travel dreams

Unique Recommendations and VIP experiences

Custom Crafted Itineraries

Worry-free vacations - Here for you before, during, and after a trip

Invaluable tips & resources