6 Places to Celebrate Día de Muertos in the USA

Many American cities host Day of the Dead celebrations from places you expect, like Tucson and Los Angeles, to those you might not, like Missoula and Boston. Chicago, IL Chicago is home to one of the oldest Day of the Dead celebrations, sponsored by the National Museum of Mexican Art. The museum transforms into a […]

Celebrating Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead)

A bit about Mexico’s Día de Muertos

By now, you’ve probably seen Disney’s newest animated hit, Coco. It was a visually beautiful film. I mean, I’m kind of excited for when I can cross that marigold bridge myself! Well, maybe not, maybe I can just visit like Miguel did… Or, I can just experience some of the fun here, top-side. Whether you […]

Is traveling in Mexico safe? YES!

Safe travels in Mexico

Is it safe to travel to Mexico? Short answer: YES! Long answer: In any country, there are areas that are less safe than others and Mexico is no different. Currently, the US State Department lists Mexico as “Level 2: Exercise Increased Caution” – the same as Spain, Germany, The Bahamas, the United Kingdom, and many other […]

The Importance of Using Your Vacation Days

662 million. According to a survey by GFK, that’s the number of vacation days America workers left on the table in 2016. As huge as that number is, 1% fewer employees ended 2016 with unused days than did in 2015. So, we’re doing better! But, that’s still a LOT of time-off that you’ve earned and […]

Why not make a difference with Voluntourism?

This week’s topic comes to you from my mentor, Lisa Fletcher. She’s amazing and always willing to lend a hand, or a pen, or even a keyboard in this case… Given the events in the last couple months, from hurricanes and earthquakes to terrorism at home and abroad, it’s important to think about the things […]

Six Habits of Happy Travelers

We often go on trips to get away from everyday stress, but sometimes travel is pretty stressful itself. Here are six habits of happy travelers that you can adopt to get more joy out of your own vacations. They pack smartly Over-packing can seriously slow you down, but you don’t have to be an uber-minimalist […]

Three Amazing Multi-Generational Family Trips

In a recent survey from travel network Virtuoso, multi-generational family trips were found to be the number three most popular vacation experience being booked, coming in just behind adventure trips and beach resorts. Maybe your family wants to put down their devices and make memories together. Or, maybe you’re spread out around the country (or […]

A Bit About Lanai

Lanai is unique among the Hawaiian islands for several reasons. First of all, there are no stoplights on the island and public transportation is run by the hotels. Ninety-nine percent of the population lives in Lana’i City. Since 2012, Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle Corporation, owns 98% of the island (the state owns the other […]

10 Beautiful European Christmas Markets

Winter in Europe is absolutely stunning. Imagine snow-capped roofs along quaint cobblestone streets. Grand, tree-lined boulevards, lit up with twinkling lights. Cozy Christmas Markets where the gluhwein flows and the smell of gingerbread lofts through the air. Here are ten of Europe’s most beautiful Christmas Markets (in no particular order), plus a bonus one! Prague, Czech […]

First Timer’s Guide to Oahu

Until a few years ago, I’d never even wanted to visit Hawaii; I thought it was just a honeymoon/romantic vacation destination. When I got the opportunity to go to Oahu with my parents for a steal, I was in, but I wasn’t expecting it to join my top ten list or anything… I was wrong. Like, super […]