Online Hotel Check-in – What If I Still Like People??


Last week, Disney revealed its newest offering – Online Check-in via the My Disney Experience app. If you’re staying at a Disney resort, you can check in to your hotel as early as 60-days prior to arrival via the app. The app will let you know your room number when the room is ready and you can unlock the door using the Magic Band received before your trip. Bypass the front desk entirely!

I can certainly see some advantages to using this method to check-in. For one, you can start your vacation earlier, maybe head straight to the parks and get a few drops in on the Tower of Terror… And Disney isn’t the first to implement a humanless check-in experience. We’ve all been doing it at the airport for years and many other hotels have kiosks or online check-in.

What if I like talking to people when I travel??

I stayed at hub by Premier Inn during my visit to London last year and their check-in kiosk was the first I’d experienced. It’s a great hotel and the Tower Bridge location was PERFECT. But, I wanted to TALK to someone – to ask about the restaurants nearby and get suggestions for interesting places. Of course, there was a single front desk agent and they were happy to help me with those questions and more. It just didn’t feel as natural as a chatting during the check-in process.

If you’re like me and enjoy the people aspect, there are still plenty of hotels and resorts out there with an excellent human touch. Disney, of course, will alway be one of those. Even with their new offer, they aren’t doing away with the traditional check-in desk but, rather, giving guests even more options. And, as far as a place like hub, just know what to look for. hub is geared toward a young business crowd and that isn’t going to be the best place for a family of four on their first trip to visit the Queen. When in doubt, ask your travel agent or get first-hand recommendations and reviews.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be doing online check-in for my flights anytime I can. I’m only at the airport for a few hours, but I’m in a hotel for days…

Hotels, like those at Disney, are offering more online and kiosk check-in options. But, what if you still like dealing with humans??

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