TSA’s Mobile Passport App – Customs Magic

You may be aware of the TSA PreCheck which, at the time I’m writing this, is $85 for a five-year membership and gets you through TSA security faster. You may also be aware of Global Entry which, for $100, will expedite your customs experience (and includes the PreCheck privilege). However, you may NOT be aware of the Mobile Passport app…

Available on both Android and iOS, this FREE app helps you speed through customs at 24 different airports and even one cruise port. Rather than filling out those tedious forms, you can fill out the same information on your phone. Just answer all the info and you’ll get a QR code. Show the QR code to the agent in the Mobile Passport line. They’ll check your info, review your passport (you’ll still need it, the app name is a little misleading), and send you on your way. Unlike the Global Entry folks, you’ll have to get back into line with the regular pleebs after getting your luggage. It’s still a great time and sanity saver that won’t cost you a dime.

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