Safe travels in Mexico

Is traveling in Mexico safe? YES!


Is it safe to travel to Mexico?

Short answer: YES!

Long answer:
In any country, there are areas that are less safe than others and Mexico is no different. Currently, the US State Department lists Mexico as “Level 2: Exercise Increased Caution” – the same as Spain, Germany, The Bahamas, the United Kingdom, and many other common vacation destinations.

You should always exercise a little extra caution when traveling. Here are a few things to keep in mind in Mexico…

  • Don’t keep all your money in one place (that goes for both cash and cards).
  • Use common sense
  • Don’t wear flashy jewelry
  • Have a cab called, rather than hailing one on the street
  • Stick to areas frequented by other travelers
  • Travel with a reputable tour company
  • Avoid the tap water and opt for bottled

If you’re still concerned, I understand. Here are some great, safe, destinations to check out!

Mayan Ruins in Tulum Mexico

Yucatan Peninsula

Consisting of the states of Campeche, Yucatan, and Quintana Roo, the Yucatan peninsula is a very safe area with lower crime rates than many large American cities.

  • Campeche City is classic colonial Mexico, complete with a walled, historic city center.
  • Ancient Ruins – Tulum, ChichénItzá, Uxmal, Mayapán, Sayil, San Gervasio, Tikal, etc.
  • Xcaret is almost indescribable, but I’ll try. It is an eco-archaeological theme park and resort in the Riviera Maya. There you can swim, float, dive, snorkel, SNUBA, explore, dine, dance, rejuvenate, and shop.

Palacio Bellas Artes in Mexico City

Mexico City

Mexico’s capital city is an energetic metropolis with nightlife, dining, culture, and loads of history.

  • The food! Mexico City is quickly becoming quite the foodie destination. From street food to international dining, it’s worth a taste.
  • Women and children only train cars – Now here is something lots of cities may want to consider adding. Mexico City has created cars that are for women and children only in order to keep them safe from sexual harassment on the subway. And, we know that’s been a global issue lately…
  • More Ancient Ruins – Teotihuacán is among the most important sites in Mesoamerican history.

Dinnertime on the streets of Sayulita


This little village in Riviera Nayarit is well known to surfers but is also a great spot for families or couples looking for something a little different with its hippie 60’s vibe. Plus, it’s only an hour north of Puerto Vallarta making it easy to get to while still seeming far away.

    • There is lots to do from horseback riding to fishing to browsing art galleries.
    • It’s full of art. Among the many galleries, you’ll also find shops with traditional handicrafts like bead-work from the Cora and Huichol peoples.
    • Romance – The quaintness of Sayulita make it a wonderful place for honeymoons or anniversary celebrations. Imagine a candlelit dinner, watching the sun set into the Pacific


I just recently sat in on a presentation of a new cruise and land safari to and through the Yucatan. The inaugural cruise is in January of 2019 and I’m seriously considering going myself! It looked AMAZING. They go places and include experiences you just can’t do on your own, like going down into a cave where Panama hats are made and leave with one of your own (totally included in the cost of the trip). They’re made in these caves because the air is damp and it helps to the make the leaves more pliable for weaving. Victory Cruise Line, The Grand Mayan Experience, small ship, big culture, I’m excited!

So… are you ready to go? Vamos! I can help you plan an amazing, safe vacation to this fascinating country that is a world of its own. Adios!

P.S. Two key tips for your safety in Mexico: Don’t join a cartel, don’t pick fights with cartels.

Is Mexico safe to travel? Yes! - Kristina D Travel

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