“The world is a great book, of which they that never stir from home read only a page.” – St Augustine of Hippo

Kristina Davis - Kristina D TravelEven growing up, I had a passion for travel. My mom would take me to local travel agencies to stock up on brochures for a “school project”, but really I just loved planning trips (I’d cut out pictures and make destination collages). In college, I worked at Walt Disney World, helping create memorable vacations for families from around the world. I spent time as a tour guide, in the resorts, and helping groups that trusted Disney to host their meetings and conferences.

One destination that I’d never given much thought to was Hawaii. It looked nice, but it looked like a place for honeymoons and romance. But, when I was given the chance to go for a steal, I took the offer. Now, I’m a die-hard Hawaii fan. There was so much more to the islands than romance! The natural beauty is awesome (in the true sense of the word). The lush mountains that fill with waterfalls after a rain shower, the tropical flowers sprouting up everywhere, the clear blue water filled with sea turtles… And the history! From the early Polynesian explorers to the monarchy to the devastation at Pearl Harbor.

I love the Irish Cliffs of Moher, the cafes of Paris, the extreme adventures in New Zealand, the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu… But, Hawaii will always have a special place in my traveling heart.